“Al Sharq Strategic Research shares the mission of its umbrella organization, Al Sharq Forum, which aims to consolidate the values of pluralism and justice while developing long-term strategies and programs that contribute to the political development, economic prosperity, and social cohesion for the people of the Al Sharq region and the world.”

Al Sharq Program on MENA Security

The collapse of the regional order has made the security failures of the Al Sharq Region ever more apparent. State failures, violent extremism, 

Post-Oslo transformations in Palestinian Society

Since the 1993 Oslo Accords and the subsequent establishment of the Palestinian Authority, Palestinian society has witnessed major political,

Al Sharq program on Political Islam 

Throughout the past four decades, researchers and analysts have written extensively on political Islam movements (PIMs) in an attempt to understand their ideology, 


A platform of choice for political stakeholders in Al Sharq Region. 

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