About Yılmaz Ensaroğlu

Senior Advisor at Al Sharq Forum. He previously served as the president of “the Association of Human Rights & Solidarity for Oppressed People” (MAZLUMDER) 1996-2004, and director of Law and Human Rights Department of SETA Foundation. Yilmaz is still a member of MAZLUMDER, Human Rights Agenda Association (İHGD) and Human Rights Research Association (İHAD). He is the author of the book entitled “Tamamlanmamış Bir Değer: İnsan Hakları.” He has authored many articles in various books, journals and newspapers on issues of human rights, civil society, democratization, security sector reform, civil-military relations, coup d’états, freedom of religion, secularism, Kurdish question, and hate crimes among others. Research Interests: Conflict & Peace Studies, Reconciliation, and Human Rights.