Eastern Mediterranean

A Special Summit Kicked Off in Brussels

A special summit among the EU member countries kicked off in Brussels. During the summit, the growing tension in the Mediterranean, relations with Turkey, protests in Belarus, and problems concerning Nagorno-Karabagh, and economic cooperation with China will be discussed. The top discussion is expected to be on the relations with Turkey and rising tension in the Eastern Mediterranean.

According to an EU official’s declaration, all options are on the table. However, officials are not expected to declare sanctions on Turkey on Friday as the union is divided into two blocks. On the one hand, the first block that includes Southern Cyprus and Greece, with the support of France and Austria, wishes to activate sanctions. On the other side, Germany openly declared that it does not side with the sanction option. Moreover, Italy, Spain, and Malta seem to have apparent drawbacks regarding the option, while the Baltic countries with Hungary and Poland do not support the sanctions.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel Objects Sanctions on Turkey

As a reflection of her dislike to the idea of sanctions, Angela Merkel, during the meeting of the 2021 state budget of Germany, said that Turkey did a very good job regarding the refugee issue. Moreover, Merkel warned the Greek and the Cypriot sides regarding their desire for sanctions on Turkey by saying that Turkey is a NATO ally and they have versatile relations with Turkey.  

President Erdogan Has Sent a Letter to the EU Member Countries

A couple of days ago, the Turkish president Erdogan had sent a letter to all the EU member countries and asked them to change their policies towards Turkey. Furthermore, in the letter, Erdogan called on the EU countries to stop their unconditional support to Greece’s and Cyprus’ maximalist claims in the Eastern Mediterranean.