Abstract: Amidst the Mediterranean turmoil, the Turkish Navy stands in the middle of current political-military affairs. In league with Turkey’s burgeoning technological and industrial defense base, the navy has been acquiring new capabilities. Furthermore, Turkey’s sea-power deterrent has been gaining a new geopolitical horizon through the widely-debated Blue Homeland concept. This brief focuses on the main pillars and trajectory of the Turkish Navy’s transformation through a strategic lens.

The Turkish Navy in Context: A Military Tour D’Horizon

As Turkey flexes its naval muscles more often in the Mediterranean, the Turkish Navy comes to the forefront with its active agenda. In parallel, the nation’s burgeoning defense industry is equipping all branches of the armed forces with indigenous weaponry, including Turkey’s sea-power deterrent.

This brief focuses on Turkey’s naval modernization projects and its geopolitical transformation around the Blue Homeland concept. The Turkish Navy is a highly-disciplined and well-trained branch with high combat-readiness capabilities. As portrayed in the Blue Homeland drills, the navy can operate simultaneously in the surrounding waters around Turkey.