Eylül, 2022

22Eyl19:3020:00Iraq: Navigating The Road Ahead

Daha Fazla

Etkinlik Bilgileri

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The violence and internal war among the Iraqi Shia have stopped for now, but the country’s political crisis has only deepened. Despite 11 months passing from its early parliamentary elections, Iraq has yet to see a new cabinet. This is the longest government formation in Iraq history. Different analyses are being suggested on what are the different possible scenarios and outcomes of the current crisis. While it has problems of its own, another early election is seen as the most likely scenario. An early election is going to confront issues of voter fatigue and people being distrustful of democracy. There is also a scenario of the continuation of the current government under the leadership of Mustafa al-Kadhimi. In this panel, the speakers will share their take on the outlook for the near future in Iraq.


  • Fanar Hadad, Assistant Professor, University of Copenhagen.
  • Bilal Wahab, Senior Fellow, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy,
  • Lahib Higel, Senior Iraq Analyst at Crisis Group


Kamaran Palani, Associate Fellow, Al Sharq Strategic Research

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22 September 2022

16:30-18:00 (Baghdad & Istanbul time)

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  • Tarik Yousef

    Tarik Yousef

    Senior Fellow at Brookings Institution

    Senior Fellow at Brookings Institution

  • Carole Nakhle

    Carole Nakhle

    CEO of Crystol Energy

    CEO of Crystol Energy

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