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04nov17:0018:30The Impact of Iraqi Elections on Regional Politics


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On Sunday, October 10, Iraqis voted in a high-stakes early election, coming at a time of formidable security, political and financial challenges at home and abroad, not least of which is the continuous US-Iran rivalry played out on Iraqi territory.

Over the last two years, Iraq has been overwhelmed with protests, internal instability, financial problems, US-Iran confrontation on Iraqi soil, and discord between various Shia armed groups on the one hand and the federal government on the other. However, against all odds, Iraq has also witnessed an unprecedented diplomatic push, with attempts to integrate the country into the regional political and economic map and establish itself as a significant player and bridge. 

Iraq recently organized regional conferences focused on the Arab world, such as a tripartite summit in Baghdad between Iraq, Jordan, and Egypt; and the Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership. 

Although for Iraq, the ability to bring various regional and international players and rivals to the table in Baghdad is an end in itself, Iraq’s desire to achieve greater regional and economic integration will be a long process, requiring time, consistency, and sustained interest. 


(Thursday) 17:00 - 18:30


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Speakers for this event

  • Galip Dalay

    Galip Dalay

    Senior Associate Fellow at Al Sharq Strategic Research

    Research director at Al Sharq Forum and senior associate fellow on Turkey and Kurdish Affairs at Al Jazeera Center for Studies. He previously worked as a visiting fellow at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) in Berlin and as a political researcher at SETA Foundation in Ankara. He is a regular contributor to German Marshall Fund of the United States’ on Turkey policy brief series, and a columnist for Middle East Eye.

    Senior Associate Fellow at Al Sharq Stra...

  • Kamaran Palani

    Kamaran Palani

    Research Fellow at the Middle Eastern Research Institute (MERI)

    Kamaran Mohammad Palani is a Research Fellow at the Middle Eastern Research Institute (MERI). He has an MA in Global Security from Keele University in the UK. He has worked for various local and international NGOs and research centers, including Al Mesalla, Peace and Freedom Organization in Kurdistan, PAX, and the at Salahaddin University-Erbil. His research interests include de facto statehood in the international system, post-war security issues, state-building and democratization in Iraq and the Kurdistan region.

    Research Fellow at the Middle Eastern Re...

  • Lahib Higel

    Lahib Higel

    Senior Iraq Analyst at Crisis Group

    Senior Iraq Analyst at Crisis Group

  • Ranj Alaaldin

    Ranj Alaaldin

    Visiting Fellow, Brookings Institute, Doha

    Visiting Fellow, Brookings Institute, Do...

  • Maria Fantappie

    Maria Fantappie

    Senior Analyst at International Crisis Group

    Maria Fantappie is Crisis Group’s Senior Analyst for Iraq. Maria has conducted fieldwork in Iraq and Syria since 2009, and works with other members of the Middle East & North Africa team to research and produce reports on security, conflict, politics, governance, and social issues on Iraq, Syria and the Kurdish regions. She has engaged policymakers on her research at some of the highest levels of government in the US, Europe and the Middle East.

    Senior Analyst at International Crisis G...

  • Hassan Ahmadian

    Hassan Ahmadian

    Assistant Professor at the University of Tehran

    Dr. Hassan Ahmadian is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Iran Project, Harvard Kennedy School Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. Dr. Ahmadian is an Assistant Professor of Middle East and North Africa studies at the University of Tehran, and is also a Middle East security and politics fellow at the Center for Strategic Research, Tehran. He received his PhD in Area Studies from the University of Tehran. His research and teaching work is mainly focused on Iran’s foreign policy and relations, political change, civil-military relations and Islamist movements in the Middle East. His research and analyses have appeared in peer-reviewed journals as well as prestigious Persian, English and Arabic outlets.

    Assistant Professor at the University of...

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