Proposing an Abstract 

At Al Sharq Strategic Research, we pride ourselves on offering an accessible platform for researchers and scholars to publish papers and valuable insights on the MENA region. We believe that part of our mission is to provide a space for researchers from and on the region to communicate original work while facilitating free access to knowledge and expertise. Hence, we invite the community of researchers to submit their proposals to our team for assessment. Each application will be evaluated within a maximum delay of seven days and further steps will be communicated to the author accordingly.

Your contribution to al-Sharq Strategic Research is welcomed and we look forward to working with you.

Kindly note that submitted manuscripts need to be original and follow our guidelines. Submissions that (1) do not follow our guidelines, (2) are recycled from the author’s previous publications, or (3) are found guilty of plagiarism can be rejected at any stage. Submissions are automatically screened by a plagiarism software.

Publication Guidelines