The COVID-19 pandemic and the collapse in oil prices have hit the economies of many regional and international powers badly. From Syria to Yemen and Iraq to Libya, all these dynamics have affected the (mis)fortune of the armed non-state actors. Given the link between dysfunctionality, fragmentation, state collapse and the rise of these actors, examining their future prospects has gained additional importance in the aftermath of the pandemic.
This file is a compilation of various perspectives on armed non-state actors and is continuously updated with the most recent analyses and opinion of experts from different backgrounds and countries.

Armed Non-State Actors Papers

Examining the Islamic State’s Resurgence in Iraq and Syria
The Transformation Struggle of the PYD: Localization Tendency as a Method of Gaining Legitimacy?
HTS Populism: Survival and Expansion
Climate Change and violent Non state actors in the Middle East
The Functionality of International Law Concerning the Phenomenon of Armed Non-State Actors in the MENA Region
Lebanon’s failed state