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Andrei Zakharov (PhD in Philosophy) is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of History, Political Science, and Law at the Russian State University of Humanities. The area of his research is comparative federalism, on which he has published several books. He is an editor of “Neprikosnovenny Zapas: Debaty o Politike i Kulture” (Neprikosnovenny Zapas: Debates on Politics and Culture) magazine, one of the leading intellectual periodicals in Russia. From 1990–1995 he served as a Member of Russian Parliament.
5 Nov, 2020

“Frozen” Federalism: Territorial Remake and Civil War in Yemen

Leonid M. Issaev Andrei Zakharov | 05 November 2020

The Republic of Yemen, the current borders of which were carved in 1990, was the embodiment of the aspiration of two formerly existing Yemeni states, the Northern and the Southern, for political unity with the preservation of regional specificity. Nevertheless, the Civil War in 1994
“Frozen” Federalism: Territorial Remake and Civil War in Yemen2020-11-20T15:15:06+03:00
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