Shared Insecurity in the Era of Multipolarity

The MENA region, which has been undergoing a significant transformation ever since the start of the Arab Spring, faces multidimensional security threats ranging from the flourishing of armed non-state actors to the divergent interest of regional and international powers. Countries mired in civil wars such as Libya, Syria and Yemen are the worst affected states from the proxy wars and power competition. The contest over emerging security and energy equation in the Eastern Mediterranean further exacerbate the security situation.

In an attempt to examine the shifting dynamics in the new battle lines, the impact of multipolarity and transforming relations between the regional and international powers in the MENA region, Al Sharq Strategic Research initiates its new security task force entitled “The MENA Region: Shared Insecurity in the Era of Multipolarity”. The task force is planned to be active for six months. Scores of publications are planned to be published under various tracks. In addition to that, the task force aims at organizing diverse webinars that will tackle different security issues and bring dozens of experts together from differing backgrounds. 

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