Introduction: For the last two years, several members of the League of Arab States (LAS) have taken incremental steps to bring Syria back under the LAS tent. Oman never cut diplomatic ties with Syria, and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain reopened their embassies in Damascus. Several other Arab states such as Algeria, Iraq, Tunisia, and Lebanon have been calling for Syria’s return to the League. With respect to non-regional global players, Russia openly backed the case for Syria to return to the League. The only non-regional global player that still stands in the way of the Syrian regime’s political rehabilitation is the United States of America. The Caesar Act the US Congress passed, and President Trump signed into law in late 2019, imposes various sanctions on the Syrian regime including sanctions on companies, individuals, and institutions doing business with it and intending to profit from Syria’s reconstruction. Do these developments still mean Syria’s return to the League of Arab States is near? How does the process of the return of a member state suspended from the Arab League work? What will the implications be of this measure when, and if, it happens after almost a decade?