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Mona Alami is a senior nonresident fellow at the Atlantic Council's Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East. She is also a fellow with TRENDS Research & Advisory . She follows political and economic issues in Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Sudan, and the Gulf. She writes extensively on Lebanese politics, Hezbollah, the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, and Salafism in general. Alami holds an MBA from the Lebanese American University, and is currently completing her PhD in geopolitics at Lumière University Lyon 2.  She writes in English, French, and Arabic.
26 Mar, 2021

Not Obama, nor Trump: how Biden’s Middle East policy is different 

Mona Alami | 26 March 2021

The United States' recent international positions reflect the changes in Washington’s Middle East policy ushered in by the new Biden administration. Its statements and new appointments for Iran, Yemen, and Syria underline the White [...]

Not Obama, nor Trump: how Biden’s Middle East policy is different 2021-03-26T11:49:53+03:00
11 Dec, 2020

Where does Arab Normalization Leave Lebanon

Mona Alami | 11 December 2020

The Israel and Gulf countries’ normalization leaves Lebanon, already isolated, further marginalized at the regional level.  Lebanon’s continuous domination by Hezbollah means that the country will be increasingly viewed as a growing security concern for Arab countries in the wake of the Abrahams accords, which will allow for more direct and covert coordination between Israel, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain.
Where does Arab Normalization Leave Lebanon2020-12-11T14:02:50+03:00
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