9 Jul, 2021

Iraq’s elections: A Vicious Cycle

Kamaran M. Palani | 09 July 2021

This piece considers whether an early election in Iraq will lead to change, or merely reinforce the status quo and current power structure. Considering the key challenges confronting Iraq’s democratic process and genuine popular participation across the country, this piece highlights the ongoing and polarizing public debate in Iraq regarding whether early elections will take place on the planned date of October 10, or their possible postponement to 2022
Iraq’s elections: A Vicious Cycle
22 Apr, 2021

Examining the Islamic State’s Resurgence in Iraq and Syria

Mohammed Sinan Siyech | 22 April 2021 | TR | AR

The Islamic State has gradually ramped up its attacks in Syria and Iraq since the mid-2020. This brief examines the group’s recent activities in both nations to interrogate if the group is undergoing a phase of resurgence in the region. Accordingly, it maps out the different factors that are aiding the group and provides some policy implications for governments in the region
Examining the Islamic State’s Resurgence in Iraq and Syria2021-05-04T14:17:07+03:00
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